Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 5

I finally decided to post the ending to this challenge. Sorry it has been so long since I last posted.

I missed a day somewhere, since I only have three sims left and I should have four at this point. I have decided to just finish the challenge now.

After Melissa left, everyone sat down on the couch to watch TV. There was only room for two of the girls on the couch with the bachelor, so Erica had to sit by herself.

soon it was time for everyone to get in the hot tub. Since there were only three contestants left, they were all able to get into the same hot tub as the bachelor.

After the time in the hot tub, Robert Took the girls aside one at a time and gave them a romantic kiss.

The next morning it was time for one of the girls to go, unfortunately for Nancy. Here she is saying goodbye.

I wasn't watching the women close enough right after Nancy left, and Fran jumped into Robert's arms. Of course this made Erica Jealous.

So this pretty much screwed up the ending to the batchelor challenge. I did have the women climb into the hot tub with Robert.

After which they ate their last meal together

Then they went to bed. During the night they had a visitor.

Who made off with the hot tubs. It's a good thing they didn't need them anymore. I decided not to go through with the flirting interactions and I just sent Erica out. Here is Erica finding a new place to live.

After Erica left, it was time for Robert to propose to Fran...

Who admires the ring...

and quickly accepts, thus ending my Batchelor Challenge.

Just a couple of comments: It is really hard to keep the girls from flirting with the batchelor during their free time. To be honest, earlier in the challenge another girl flirted with Robert and causing a lot of jealousy among the others. I didn't save the game and quit. This time I just let it play through.

The reason that it's been so long since I last posted is because of the flirting by Fran, and I got interested in another videogame which I have been playing. Now that I can get back to my Prosperity Challenge I should be playing the sims a lot more.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bachelor Challenge Day 4

Day Four started with everyone but Erica in one hot tub.

although they talked a lot it seemed their daily relationship scores slipped a bit. After their time in the hot tub, Robert took each of the ladies aside and talked to them about their interests.

Robert worried about the challenge and whether he would pick the right contestant to be his wife.

then he sat down and had dinner with Nancy.

After a good night's sleep for everyone, Robert decided to get the flirts out of the way before breakfast. Erica was first. The order was the same for everyone except Melissa. They were goosed, caressed and then held hands.

With Melissa, the option to Goose wasn't there, so I used charm, caress and hold hands on her.

after the flirts it was time for breakfast.

and then the rose ceremony. Here is the scorecard.

Melissa has to leave.

Next: Round 5

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bachelor Day 3

Day 3 started out in the hot tub.

Fran and Nancy were left on their own.

Soon after, The ladies sat down at the chess table while Robert made his rounds.

Robert also played chess with Nancy, but I don't have the picture. After playing chess with Nancy, he spent some extra time with her, sitting with her on the couch and hanging out on the front lawn.

Erica didn't seem too happy about all the attention that Robert was showing to Nancy. They had a late dinner/early breakfast around the table.

It soon time for Robert to flirt with the ladies.

after all the flirts were over, it was time for the rose ceremony. Here is the scorecard.

Goodbye Tracy.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Bachelor Challenge Day 2

After the rose ceremony it was time for everyone to get in the hot tub. Although I don't have pictures of them, Erica, Melissa and Tracy were the ones to get in the hot tub with Robert. That left Patty, Nancy and Fran to get in the other tub. After a couple hours they got out.

Later, they had dinner and then Robert decided to chat with the ladies. here he is chatting with Fran, but she wasn't interested in what he was talking about, even though he dragged her out of bed to talk to her.

When he talked to Nancy, she remained outside and he stayed inside.

Here is Tracy.

and Melissa.

I talked to Erica and Patty too but didn't get pictures of them. It was time to go bed. Early the next morning, Robert woke up and began to flirt with the ladies. His first flirt with Tracy was a sweettalk that she didn't accept.

Since I saw that sweet talk wasn't going to work, I tried the old charm on them.

First Fran.

Then Erica (or was it Erica and then Fran? they look alike in their nightgowns).

Then Patty.

And Melissa.

I didn't get a picture of Nancy, but she accepted the flirt as well.

After the flirts, Robert went downstairs to get a bite to eat. he sat down at the table with Melissa, Tracy and Erica (or was it Fran?)

Then it was time for the rose challenge. Here is our scorecard.

So long, Patty.

It seems no one is going to miss her.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bachelor Challenge Meet and Greet

The women mingled on the front lawn for awhile, then Robert came out to meet them. He talked to Erica first, then hung out with Erica and Melissa.

After everyone took care of their bladder needs, they all sat down at the table to eat dinner.


After dinner Robert watched a pillow fight between Erica and Melissa, then decided to watch some TV. Rebecca came over and sat down next to him.

Robert talked to other ladies as well. Robert tried to hug patty, but it didn't work. He was able to hug Fran though and became friends first with Erica.

it was soon time for everyone to go to bed. Robert mingled with the ladies until bedtime. The next morning was the first rose ceremony and Rebecca was the one with the least amount of attraction to Robert.

Everyone came into the living room to say goodbye to Rebecca.