Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bachelor Challenge Day 4

Day Four started with everyone but Erica in one hot tub.

although they talked a lot it seemed their daily relationship scores slipped a bit. After their time in the hot tub, Robert took each of the ladies aside and talked to them about their interests.

Robert worried about the challenge and whether he would pick the right contestant to be his wife.

then he sat down and had dinner with Nancy.

After a good night's sleep for everyone, Robert decided to get the flirts out of the way before breakfast. Erica was first. The order was the same for everyone except Melissa. They were goosed, caressed and then held hands.

With Melissa, the option to Goose wasn't there, so I used charm, caress and hold hands on her.

after the flirts it was time for breakfast.

and then the rose ceremony. Here is the scorecard.

Melissa has to leave.

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