Monday, December 8, 2008

Bachelor Challenge Day 2

After the rose ceremony it was time for everyone to get in the hot tub. Although I don't have pictures of them, Erica, Melissa and Tracy were the ones to get in the hot tub with Robert. That left Patty, Nancy and Fran to get in the other tub. After a couple hours they got out.

Later, they had dinner and then Robert decided to chat with the ladies. here he is chatting with Fran, but she wasn't interested in what he was talking about, even though he dragged her out of bed to talk to her.

When he talked to Nancy, she remained outside and he stayed inside.

Here is Tracy.

and Melissa.

I talked to Erica and Patty too but didn't get pictures of them. It was time to go bed. Early the next morning, Robert woke up and began to flirt with the ladies. His first flirt with Tracy was a sweettalk that she didn't accept.

Since I saw that sweet talk wasn't going to work, I tried the old charm on them.

First Fran.

Then Erica (or was it Erica and then Fran? they look alike in their nightgowns).

Then Patty.

And Melissa.

I didn't get a picture of Nancy, but she accepted the flirt as well.

After the flirts, Robert went downstairs to get a bite to eat. he sat down at the table with Melissa, Tracy and Erica (or was it Fran?)

Then it was time for the rose challenge. Here is our scorecard.

So long, Patty.

It seems no one is going to miss her.

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Jenni said...

Haha! Poor Patty. She's so unloved.

Anonymous said...

Wow very interesting. I know now that i was going on the right track. Will post mine when you have finished yours.

ASimWen said...

By Patty. Hum I wonder why your housemates couldn't even wave goodbye???