Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sting me Challenge part 3

After my last promotion, Melanie called the adoption agency and requested a child, Even though Melanie was expected to work the next day. She stayed home and when the car arrived, Melanie requested a toddler. The girl's name is Emma.

Due to Melanie trying to get Emma's learning in, her dating Kennedy was put to the side. Finally Emma learned to walk, talk and use the potty and even learned some Charisma points. Melanie called on the phone and got a nanny to come over, and then asked Kennedy out on a date. They went out on a couple of dream dates and then Melanie used the energizer to get her needs back up to full before work.

I'm not sure why, but Melanie wasn't able to get promoted in the next few days. She went on several dates and even a couple of outings with Kennedy, leaving Emma with a nanny. By now Emma was a child and had started school. I do let Emma study and get skill points.

Finally Melanie was promoted to CEO! Only one more Promotion to go. She is still making friends, having the want to have 10 best friends.

Three days later, she got her promotion to Business Tycoon. Kennedy was the only one needed to pull strings for her.

Now I am going to switch her over to Law Enforcement to get her long term want. I will also use the string me challenge to do this, so I will post How it goes here.

I think one thing that is essential to help her get promotions is the energizer. I used it both at night before I went on dates and in the morning before I went to work.


ASimWen said...

Wow great job! And going for a second career! Go you!

I will link your story at as soon as the FTP server is back up where my webpage is stored. (It is actually stored on a server in my brother's apartment in Colorado. hehehe)

ruby said...

holy snap you did it! well done and congrats .. now i'm double jealous. seeing how i failed.
well done. look forward to see if you can get the next one as easily