Wednesday, September 10, 2008

String Me Challenge

Melanie has been going on dates with Kennedy, reaching dream date every time. The next time she went to work, she was promoted to Executive, and brought home someone new. I hung out with her for awhile, getting her up to friend status, then went out on a date with Kennedy again.

The next day she was off, so I invited Kennedy over, and went on a group outing. We spent a couple hours in the pool and kissed and made out. We got up to the level right above the top, then Kennedy had to leave. When he left, I got a pop up saying something about hanging out with intellectuals and giving me one logic point.

Melanie has also done more studying in the cooking skill, and now is level 9. I also invited another Sim over to become friends with Melanie, but just as I was greeting her, Kennedy called to invite me on a dream date. I said yes to Kennedy, and goodbye to the female Sim.

When she went to work the next morning, Melanie got a chance card. She was in a golf tournament with the president of the company. The choices were to play her best, or play poorly. I chose to play her best. The president was impressed, giving Melanie a promotion to Vice president and 2 logic and 2 creativity skill points. I guess it pays to play your best. He also gave her the rest of the day off.

I didn't have long to revel in Melanie being a vice president, as when she arrived at home, Kennedy pulled some more strings and Melanie received a promotion to being a President. Only two more levels to go in the business field. I tried calling Kennedy right after getting home and asking for a date, but he was working. D'oh! Of course he was.

Not only did Melanie get a promotion to being the president, but she checked her mail and got a free dinner coupon! This will be used on the next dream date with Kennedy.

Here is my skills bar. I need two friends, so I think I will take my vacation day and work on getting two of the Sims I have already met up to friend status. I also called the adoption agency and am going to adopt a toddler.

One thing I never noticed before about the business track is the hours seem to be the same or close to the same for all of the jobs so far. they start around 8 or 9 AM and everyone gets off at 4 PM.


ASimWen said...

Wow sounds like a lot of fun stuff happened for this entry. The game is steppin' up the chance cards for you!!

ruby said...

dang you are just flying through this challenge. I'm so jealous!