Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bachelor Challenge

Welcome to the Bachelor, sims style. Meet our bachelor, Robert Sim. He is a family sim and is looking for Mrs. Right. He is hoping to find her in our field of contestants.

Now let's meet the woman who are vying for Robert's attention. First we have Erica Kittron, a knowledge sim.

Next we have Fran Newman, another redhead and another knowledge sim.

Third is Melissa Beming, brown hair and a popularity sim.

Fourth is a blonde knowledge sim by the name of Nancy Graham.

Fifth is our other blonde, Patty Sterling, a fortune sim.

Our fifth contestant is Rebecca Collins, our only black haired sim, with a family aspiration..

and our last Contestant is Tracy Grant, with short black hair and a pleasure aspiration.

Everyone is anxious to begin.


1 comment:

ASimWen said...

They are all good lookin' babes Robert! Bachelor challenges are always so much fun to read!